Ancient Roman Glass Necklace

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Ancient Roman Glass Vessels

I have recently added an Ancient Bead and Roman glass necklace to my shop I combined some beautiful pieces of broken Roman glass which were drilled and turned into beads and intertwined them on an industrial silver necklace. The glass pieces have a special beauty with light and dark blue,  blue- green and turquoise shades. They are translucent and whenever I look at them I wonder what the original vessel from which they came from, may have looked like.  I also added a few gold filled beads to it.

The pendant is an authentic ancient Roman bronze coin which I bezel set in a sterling silver bezel soldered  on a piece of granulated brass. I designed this as a background for the coin.  Finally I hung it in the middle of the necklace between the beads.

The necklace is a One of a Kind necklace.

The total  length of the necklace is 46cm.

Average size of each glass bead is about 10mm x 8mm.

You can find it in my shop: under the Necklaces section.

Thank you for watching.

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